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Chinese Garlic Chives

A flavorful alternative to regular chives


Chinese Chives
Rhonda Parkinson
Although both are members of the onion family, Chinese garlic chives are more attractive and more flavorful than regular chives. Regular Chinese garlic chives have a strong "garlicky" flavor, while yellow chives have a mild taste similar to onion. A third variety, flowering chives, have a more delicate appearance but an even stronger flavor than regular Chinese garlic chives.

You'll find regular Chinese garlic chives lending flavor to soups, stews and other slow cooked dishes. (They're also a great way to add extra flavor to scrambled eggs). Flowering chives are more frequently used in stir-fries, both because of their more attractive appearance and stronger flavor. Another popular stir-fry combination pairs yellow chives and mung bean sprouts.

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