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Silk Squash

This gourd is vaguely related to the luffa brush in your shower


Sing Gua
Rhonda Parkinson
A long thin squash with sharp ridges, silk squash is also called Chinese okra and angled luffa. Only immature silk squash are eaten, as older silk squash have a bitter taste. Like fuzzy melon, silk squash can be stuffed with pork and steamed. However, it is more commonly stir-fried or deep-fried. Feel free to substitute silk squash in recipes calling for cooked zucchini or okra, and to use okra as a substitute if silk squash is unavailable.

When buying Chinese okra, look for young ones that are firm and have an unblemished skin. Despite the sharp ridges, Chinese okra does not need to be peeled before using.

Recipe: Okrahoma Stir-fry (feel free to use silk squash instead of okra)

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