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Vegetarian - Information and Recipes for Chinese Vegetarian Cooking

If you want to learn how to fit Chinese food into a vegetarian diet, here is information on the types of ingredients used in Chinese vegetarian cooking, and vegetarian recipes.
  1. Vegetarian Recipes (16)

Vegetarian Dim Sum and Party Recipes
Vegetarian dim sum and party recipes – vegetarian versions of popular recipes, from spring rolls to potstickers

Vegetarian History in a Nutshell
Vegetarian history - Although it became trendy in the 1960's, the vegetarian movement has been alive and well since ancient times.

Chinese Vegetarian - Ingredients and Recipes
Vegetarian recipes - The sheer sensual appeal of Chinese cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh vegetables and protein rich ingredients, makes it the perfect choice for anyone following a vegetarian diet.

About Bok Choy
This popular Asian vegetable is extremely versatile – it can be steamed, boiled, stir-fried or even eaten raw. Don't miss the recipes and cooking tips!

The Raw Foods Diet: Is it For You?
You may have heard about the "raw foods" diet trend that is sweeping the nation. What's it all about? Will it really lead to better overall health and weight loss? Here's what you need to know from About's Guide to Vegetarian Cuisine.

About Tofu
Learn more about the history of tofu or bean curd, along with cooking tips and recipes.

Choi to the World: An Introduction to Asian Greens
Find out more from Terra Brockman's series and access recipes, nutritional highlights, and selection tips and see how easy it is to prepare delicious stir-fries, sautés, and soups.

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