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Top 6 Christmas Stocking Stuffers for the Chinese Food Lover


Is there someone on your gift list whose idea of a fun evening is trying out recipes from Martin Yan's latest cookbook? Or perhaps you're just trying to come up with a few extra gift ideas while working with a limited budget. Fortunately, you don't need to empty your wallet when shopping for the Chinese food lover this Christmas. Here are a number of handy gadgets that both novices and more experienced cooks will be thrilled to find in their Christmas stocking.

1. Wok Spatula

The spatula normally used in Asian cooking is larger than a regular spatula, shaped very much like a child's toy shovel. It's ideal for stirring and mixing food in the wok. From The Wok Shop.
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2. Chinese Wire/Mesh Skimmer Strainer

A popular Chinese cooking tool, this mesh strainer with a long bamboo handle is very useful for removing deep-fried or steamed foods from the wok.
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3. 3 Piece Bamboo Steamer Set

Steaming is the third major Chinese cooking technique. Like stir-frying and deep-frying, steaming is normally done with a wok. The bamboo baskets fit inside the wok, and can be stacked, allowing you to steam more than one dish at a time. These baskets are 10-inches wide, and can be used with a wok that is 12 inches or larger.
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4. Cooking Chopsticks

Long cooking chopsticks are extremely handly for maneuvering food while it's cooking in a wok, or separating strands of boiling noodles. These cooking chopsticks are approximately 13 inches long and made of bamboo with a ridged tip. From AsianIdeas.com.
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5. Deep Fry Thermometer

For cooks who do their deep-frying in a wok, a deep-fry thermometer is very useful for determining oil temperature. Made by Camp Chef, this stainless steel thermometer registers temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. A handy feature is the clamp which allows you to fasten the thermometer to the side of the wok instead of holding it.
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6. Wok Brush

Made of thin strips of bamboo, a wok brush (also called a cleaning whisk) is excellent for cleaning a carbon steel wok without damaging its seasoned surface. This wok brush has a 4-inch brush face.

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