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Top 10 Chinese Turkey Recipes and Side Dishes to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving


Looking for a new and interesting way to spice up the traditional Thanksgiving feast? How about adding a Chinese influence to your meal? Traditional Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey and sweet potatoes, lend themselves readily to exotic spices such as five spice and curry powder. Here are several Chinese Thanksgiving recipes – feel free to update your entire menu or add one or two new dishes.

The Day After Thanksgiving...Chinese Turkey Recipes using leftover turkey

1. Roast Turkey With Hoisin

A recipe designed to produce a cooked turkey that is moist and delicious - the turkey is covered with a spicy mixture consisting of hoisin sauce, honey, oyster sauce, soy sauce and garlic before roasting.

2. Peking Duck

Not a fan of turkey? Peking Duck, Beijing's most famous dish, consists of duck that is repeatedly coated in a honey/vinegar mixture before roasting. This recipe includes links to a recipe for Mandarin Pancakes, the classic accompaniment to Peking Duck.

3. Cantonese Roast Duck

Learn how to make the duck with the shining reddish-brown skin frequently seen hanging in Chinese restaurants. This recipe comes from cookbook author Deh-Ta Hsiung.

4. Oriental Rotisserie-Style Turkey Breast

Are you looking for an easy alternative to roasting a whole turkey? Five-spice powder adds extra flavor to this low-carb recipe made with lean turkey breast. The recipe yields 12 servings.

5. Candied Sweet Potatoes

Rice vinegar and Chinese five-spice powder adds an extra kick to this candied sweet potatoes recipe.

6. Glazed Carrots With Five Spice Powder

Carrots lend color to your Thanksgiving meal. Carrots are glazed in brown sugar and five spice powder in this simple recipe. A reader gives this recipe a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, saying that “it’s a great way to get kids to try carrots.”

7. Basic Fried Rice

This basic recipe for fried rice makes a nice alternative to simple steamed rice as a side dish.

8. Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Looking for a different way to start the meal? Turkey and tomato make a great combination – the neutral flavor of turkey goes nicely with strong, tart tomato. Tip: Depending on what other dishes you are serving, you may want to replace the white pepper in the soup with a pinch of five spice powder.

9. Wild Rice Stuffing

Made with goldenberries, wild rice, and soy sauce or wheat-free tamari, this delicious turkey stuffing recipe is low in calories and suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

10. Sesame Seed Cookies

A sweet treat for dessert.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

And finally, here are a number of different recipes using leftover turkey, from chow mein and curry to a flavorful salad made with mandarin oranges and topped with poppy seeds.

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